The Way We Are

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Give the Nigerian in INEC a chance and he will cheat. What happened in Osun elections was not the failure of BVAS. It was the INEC official who manned the machine that manipulated the machine. It was even worse that INEC officials at the very top tried to further cover up the initial manipulation by coming up with warped synchronized report. All these manipulations can be traced back to pecuniary benefits; nothing more

The banker sees the currency redesign as his own opportunity to cheat. The bankers are not moved or concerned about the long lines outside their bank premises because they are focused on how they can exploit the situation to line their pockets.

The guns we gave to the police and other security operatives have since become the authority to cheat. We are all victims of extortions at the checkpoints. You cannot teach them their jobs otherwise you lose your life

The independent petroleum marketers and all the players in the fuel supply chain deliberately disrupt the distribution of the products to maximize their profits.

The judiciary see the election season as their own season of making a kill. All manners of judgements including, the ones that cannot stand the scrutiny of a layman like me are delivered to the advantage of the highest bidder.

The media; the fourth realm of the estate in Nigeria is now colour blind. Black is now white depending on the size of the envelope which is often referred to as ‘brown envelope’ even when it is white.

Aliko Dangote insisted on bringing over more than a thousand electricians (tradesmen) from India to handle all the electrical works at his refinery for reason we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Anybody who has built a house before knows the corner-cutting and heartlessness of the Nigerian tradesmen or artisans. He will not have any qualms using 1 mm cable where 2 mm is required simply because he wants to pocket a portion of the money earmarked for the job. The risk that comes with using fake or low quality materials does not prick his conscience

Both the local manufacturers and importers of fake, poisonous and expired products into the country are our friends, relations and kinsmen. Representatives of the regulating agencies who receive ‘egunje’ and turn a blind eye to the fake products are Nigerians; very religious Nigerians you see in churches on Sundays and Mosque on Fridays

We can go on and on. Ironically, we are all united in the criticism of our leadership at every level without any regard to the fact that the leadership is a reflection of who we are.

We are uniquely Nigerians; an impossible people!


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