Religious and Tribal Bigots in APC and PDP

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In almost 24 Years of Democracy, the South-West and North-West Run politics in Nigeria and you are calling Obi an Igbo man,Tribal?

If your Party is so neutral and inclusive as they have brainwashed you, there supporters to believe, why didn’t your Party the APC or PDP support and endorse an Igbo President after 24 years of our democracy? Oh i see! So no single competent Igbo man in your party is competent enough to be endorsed as your party’s flafbearer ?

8 Years of A Muslim President and now another 4 Years of Muslim-Muslim and you refer to Mr. Peter Obi as a religious bigot?

If you are so fair religious-wise, so no single Qualified competent Northern Christians in your party that the APC can choose as there running mate ? Are you not a fool or just being a religious bigot for accepting this?

Your current SGF, Boss Mustapha is a very calm, calculated, loyal experienced and competent politician who have being in politics long before Shettima. He is a Christian and also from the North East like Shettima, even though he was shortlisted to be Tinubu’s running mate, your party didn’t pick him because thay wanted to Win Using religion as strategy;

How many of you knew Boss Mustapha was part of the late Abiola’s circle from the North? a man who stepped down for Abiola at the presidential primaries in 1992?

Where was your shettima as at that time? Living in his father’s house?

you religious Bigots, Give Me a break! Only in Nigeria will Guilty people call themself saint and call innocent people Guilty.

What is more disgusting is the Middle class and so called elites who can’t say the truth because of their personal pocket, tribal or religious, sentiments. Pure Rubbish!


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