Stop Fanning  Ethnic War Over  Economic Situation In Nigeria,  Fadojoe Appeals To Igbo Youth

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The leader of Rescue Movement For New Nigeria aka Rescue The Vulnerable Initiative, Comrade Faduri Oluwadare Joseph, popularly called Fadojoe, has called on youth from South East  Nigeria to desist from turning the present economic downturn in Nigeria to an opportunity to take on the entire Yoruba people, thereby fanning embers of ethnic war.
In a video broadcast through his official YouTube channel, the former presidential aspirant under Labour Party, Fadojoe said, that at “this jet age, it’s so sad that we still have generation of some young Nigerians that will still continue to fan embers of tribal war in reaction to the devastating state of our country, turning it to Yoruba vs Igbo media battle.
“No doubt the economy is so harsh, no doubt the country is crashing more and more and no doubt, we are all talking about it. But the fact still remains that we’ve not been having the best of governance since many years back and the economy of the country keeps nosediving deeper and deeper”.
Stressing further that precisely this 2024, “the hardship in our country affects the West, South, North as well as the East. Skyrocketing cost of food and everything is nationwide, and it knows no ethnic group.
 “So if our country fails woefully, we all fail as a nation: it’s not just the Yoruba people or the Hausa people that fail. And if our government succeeds, we all succeed as a nation and we will all have a country that we can be proud of and that in future our children can be bold to call their nation.
“Therefore, what we should all focus on should be how to rescue our country from the ‘sit-tight old generation syndrome’ that will use ethnicity, religion, money etc as divide and rule strategy among the youth,  to keep holding the nation in salary while destroying the future of the same youth they are using ‘divide-and-rule’ scheme to keep ruling over them.
“In the light of this, it’s very important to correct some of our brothers from the South East that come online to blame the present state of Nigeria only on the Yoruba people. I live in the United States of America, it will be very wrong of me to blame the problems in America on just the white people. Because if I do that, it’s called racism. I will be seen as a racist.
“On this note, I want to appeal to our leaders of South East extraction to please caution our Igbo brothers that come online to rubbish Yoruba people about the state of our nation. Let us make our criticism constructive and not based on ethnicity.
“I am a Yoruba man and I have criticized this administration more than many people and even more than all the opposition political parties put together. But I ensure my criticism is constructive, with the focus on how to make our dear nation better.
“And the fact remains that there are many of us as Yoruba people that worked assiduously for Peter Obi and millions of Yorubas voted for him (Obi). Also there are many Igbos too that worked for and voted Tinubu. Hence, when you now rubbish an entire race because of the failure of one Yoruba man, then you are also rubbishing those of us who worked for and voted Peter Obi. When many of us lost friends and even some business partners, because of our support for Peter Obi and we didn’t care about that as far as we justify our conscience through our support for Obi”.
The activist thus noted that there is no where in the world where only one tribe can win any presidential election without the help of another tribe, likewise there is no way an Igbo man can win a presidential election without support from other tribes. “Therefore, those instigating our brothers from South East to turn the failure of Nigeria to ethnic war, are setting them up against winning future presidential election.
“Let’s talk about what is wrong in our country without being tribalistic about it. Because tribalism will continue to divide us the more and do us no good.
“In as much as president Tinubu is not getting it right, we also need to understand that part of the major problems of Nigeria is corruption and we have many corrupt people from the West, South, North and East; both in this administration and previous ones, that also contributed in digging the gulf that the country is sinking into.
“The likes of Dr. Betta C. Edu, former  Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management was alleged to have stolen billions within eight months. Former CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele that is still answering to the charges against him, Diezani Alison-Madueke also alleged to have embezzled billions. The oil bunkers in Niger Delta and others that contributed negatively one way or another to the present situation of Nigeria, are they just only Yoruba people or are we not all the Nigerians?
“Prices of tomato and other locally produced foodstuff that are going higher, is it the rising dollars that is also responsible? We have people from different tribes and ethnic groups as bank MDs of different banks in Nigeria. And you go to bank to get cash, you can’t get your own money, but in front of the bank and beside the bank, you can get any amount of money from the POS operators.
“Also you want to get dollar from bank they will tell you it’s not available, yet you can get as much as you need from Bureau De Change. Bua Cement and Dangote Cement that they get the raw materials from Nigeria, yet, the prices are now above what an average Nigerian can afford. Are these perpetrators all of Yoruba extraction?”
“In conclusion, let’s face the problems of the country as Nigerians struggling to liberate our dear nation from the old generation, comprising bad leaders from different parts of Nigeria: and not as Igbo Vs Yoruba ethnic war as they are now such evil discord among the youth that supposed to know better and rise to rescue Nigeria united as one people “

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