Mastercard, Jumia, Providus Bank Partner To Elevate Customer Experiences With Innovative Payment Card

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Mastercard has announced a partnership with Jumia and ProvidusBank to introduce the Jumia Mastercard, an innovative payment card that enhances the shopping experience for customers, offering year-round price incentives and discounts on Jumia, an African leading e-commerce platform.

This partnership will see the introduction of a customer reward system which will serve to elevate purchasing power
and foster lasting customer loyalty on Jumia’s platform throughout the year.

Furthermore, the payment card will
improves the overall shopping experience on the platform, offering exclusive discounts to loyal customers, adding that prospective customers can also easily acquire virtual cards within minutes, with an optional physical card available within five business days, thereby ensuring flexibility and choice.

“Our mission at Mastercard Is to connect and power up a world beyond cash that benefits everyone, everywhere
through transactions that are safe, simple, smart, and accessible Our partnerships with ProvidusBank and Jumia aims to elevate the value proposition for consumers by providing a payment solution that is both seamless and convenient, coupled with unique price incentives and discounts.

“We look forward to further colaborations with our partners to continue delivering relevant solutions that will offer valuable benefits for Mastercard card holders,” says
Kari Tukur, Vice President and Head, Customer Solutions, East and West Africa, Mastercard.

He further said the card supports the promotion of a cashless economy, allowing purchases on non-Jumia websites and at POS terminals while offering exclusive promotions and discounts that are only applicable on Jumia sites. Additionally, customers can activate a 10% discount-capped promo offer by shopping a minimum of N50,000 as new ProvidusBank account holders.

“As a future forward bank,ProvidusBank believes in encouraging and supporting partners through strategic alliances
that can help these businesses maximize their potential. In addition to being a means of payment, we consider cards as one of our vital products for promoting togetherness and productive partnerships, which is why we are fully
supporting this initiative.” -Walter Akpani, MD/CEO ProvidusBank.

To obtain the Jumia MasterCard And unlock its benefits, customers must, select their desired
items, opt for payment using the Jumia Mastercard, and submit the requested credentials to open a ProvidusBank

Upon verification, customers will instantly receive a ProvidusBank savings account number and a virtual Jumia Mastercard. Customers can also request a physical model of the payment card, which wil be delivered to their location at no additional charge. At checkout, customers who meet the purchase criteria will be rewarded with a 10% discount capped at N5,000, ensuring a swift and seamless process from onboardingto purchase.

The key factors fuelling this initiative include customer acquisition, year-round incentives, and convenience,setting
the stage for an enhanced shopping experience on Jumia. The card will be available starting from December 21,
2023, offering customers an opportunity to maximize their savings on the Jumia platform, perfectly times for the festive season.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership between Mastercard, ProvidusBank, and Jumia, an exciting initiative in Nigeria’s digital payment evolution. Jumia has always prioritized convenient, secure, and rewarding payment solutions for our customers, and this collaboration underscores our commitment.

This card guarantees a seamless shopping experience on the Jumia platform, alongside exclusive discounts that make every purchase truly rewarding,” Sunil Natraj, CEO, Jumia Nigeria.This initiative is poised to drive customer acquisition for Mastercard, Jumia, and ProvidusBank while promoting the cashless economy and nurturing valuable partnerships – underscoring the importance of collaboration in building an inclusive world and setting a new standard for e-commerce rewards.


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