Adeleke Of Osun State: A Governor With No Clue, Nor Direction  – Fadoje

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An Osun State born Labour Party presidential aspirant, Faduri Oluwafsre Joseph  aka Fadoje has alleged that the report card for the first six months  of Governor Ademola Adeleke’s assumption of office in Osun State is below expectation.
According to him, “In more than six  months, all the governor has been doing is dancing around the state with no agenda. No developmental projects, no infrastructural development, no educational improvement in the State of Osun, the roads are still as bad as he met them, no spelt out tangible plans. Rather, it’s been a flamboyant administration: spending more than the State makes, as if Osun State has oil wells. A governor that spends  N2 billion monthly on food and welfare as revealed by the media. A governor that spends state resources without showing fear or sympathy for the people of the state.”
The former Presidential Aspirant under Labour Party,  stressed that he has neither personal issue with the governor no does he want his job but as a citizen of Osun  State, but that he wouldn’t just fold his hands and watch the governor lavish money both home and abroad “and we all keep quiet as if it’s normal. The governor just left for Thailand for one month of medical leave. It is only in Nigeria that politicians are so shameless that developing medical infrastructure in their state to world standard is never part of their project and agenda but always prefer taking our naira and changing it to high rate dollar to spend abroad for medical attention that could have been done in their state if they had focused on developing the health system. And the people that voted them would have also benefited from such medical facilities.
“The governor’s trip no doubt, would have cost people of Osun State billions of Naira, which I hope the state budget unit should disclose and made public for people of Osun State to see how their Governor is lavishing their money. My question to these politicians is how many governors from Thailand and/or the UK or Germany that we run to come to our own nation for anything? The answer is zero. Why because they provided these infrastructures in their home country/home state so that they and their people can benefit and enjoy such amenities.”
Lamenting further, Fadoje who is also the leader of Rescue Movement For New  Nigeria Mission, said that many hospitals in Osun State and across the nation are empty of staff and modern equipment, yet we see politicians traveling abroad every minute. Of a sad example is that of Ondo State Governor His Excellency Arakunrin Akeredolu, who has been sick for some while now, but yet won’t even hand over the affairs of the state to his deputy. These states continue to suffer good governance due to politicians’ lack of empathy for the people, but their greed and selfishness overshadow their sense of direction and progress for their state.
“To many Nigerian governors, once they pay salary, to them, they have done too much. But the fact remains that paying salaries for workers in the state, paying gratuities, repairing roads or constructing new ones; are all basics of any government in the world. It is only in our nation that our politician make us feel as if they are doing the populace a favour when they do such.
“More than 70% of people of Osun  State live in poverty, yet the governor lives a wasteful life every day. More than two months till now, the government of Gov Ademola Adeleke has not been able to properly palliate Osun People from the N5 billion palliative grants  released by the federal government. Few farmers were used for political agrandisement, and we all kept quiet watching our state, our country going down the drain by the day.”
The US based Osun born politician said Nigerian Youths will soon rise up to begin to demand from our leaders and politicians how they are managing our resources, without clue, proper manifesto, long-term agenda, but only short-term goals to use the resources for media stunts. Yet no genuine infrastructural developmental projects across the local government across the state in more than 6 months of being in office.
“In closing on this, I want to appeal to Gov. Ademola adeleke of Osun State to refocus and sit up to deliver dividend of democracy to Osun people. This statement is not to demean his office but to put him on his toes as citizens demanding to see him work as what he was employed for. The people of Osun employed you to make the state and their lives better, and that should be your primary focus as, I wish you the very best as you continue your term as governor.
“May God bless Osun State, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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