The Jews’ and Jerusalem’s complicated stories

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1. Abraham lived in the land of Ur, around modern day Iran/Iraq.

2. Abraham became Gods friend and God promised him the land flowing with milk and honey.

3. The land flowing with milk and honey belonged to the Canaanites.

4. Abraham being the father of the Jews left Ur heading to the voice from above he arrived Canaan.

5. He lived in Canaan, died in Canaan, his children lived in Canaan died in Canaan. From Isaac to Jacob.

6. Then Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt.

7. Mind you, the Canaanites still lived in those lands with the Jews.

8. Joseph sent for his father Jacob and his brothers according to the Bible. They escaped the ravaging hunger in Canaan land.

9. The Jews lived in Egypt for 400years in slavery at some point after Joseph and the Pharaoh who knew him died.

10. Then arose Moses, he liberated the jews and headed back home, to the land flowing with milk and honey.

11. The Jews walked the wilderness 40years due to stubbornness from their side according to the Bible.

12. Moses died without stepping his feet into Canaan. Joshua took over.

13. Moses had fought and defeated tribes they found along the way.

14. Joshua completed Moses work and the Jews settled in Canaan, in the land they wrestled away from the Canaanites with God on their side (according to the Bible).

15. Jerusalem was still under the Jebusites, unconquered.

16. The judges (from Joshua to Caleb, Gideon, Samson, Samuel was the last judge) ruled the new national Israel (named after the rascal Jacob, you can beg to differ)

17. The Israelites cried, we need a King. Then came in Saul, David, Solomon till the division of the kingdom into Israel and Judea.

18. David being a successful war King conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites and made Jerusalem his capital city. (That’s the first claim the Jews have concerning Jerusalem).

19. Solomon the wise built the temple in Jerusalem (another claim the jews have).

20. The kingdom spilt into two after Solomon’s death, the Northern territory had its capital in Samaria and the Southern territory had its capital in Jerusalem.

21. The Jews still had control over their territories fighting off invaders till the Babylonian’s and Assyrian’s came around.

22. They plundered the Northern territory and the Southern territory taking the Jews into exile and different point in history. This is where King Nebuchadnezzar makes grand entry.

23. The Jews were in exile in Babylon till King Cyrus defeated the Babylonians and the Jews returned home (all story dey bible).

24. The Jews again was conquered by the magnificent Alexander the Great(he died of malaria aged 32 after conquering almost half the then known world, he died in Babylon after his troops demanded to go home in far away India).

25. A King arose, probably from the disintegrated empire of Alexander. He wanted to destroy the Jewish way of life beginning from Israel.

26. The Jew’s fought back under Judas Maccabeus (book of Maccabees details the story). The Maccabeus after defeating the King established a dynasty, the Hasmonean Dynasty under Simon Maccabaeus the brother of Judas Maccabeus. The dynasty ruled Israel for 103years with Jerusalem as its capital till the Roman’s destroyed it.

27. Everybody say hello to the Romans. The Romans ruled Israel from 63BCE till 390CE. The Roman’s ruled Israel dividing it into provinces (so you know, the Roman’s killed Jesus).

28. After the split of the Roman Empire in 390CE, the East Roman Empire which became Christianized was known as the Byzantine Empire ruled Israel.

29. A certain Mohammed received light from Allah and proclaimed a new religion in the Middle East rivalling Christianity and Judaism. With no distinct authority in Israel after the collapse of the Byzantium Empire, the Arabs ruled Israel for almost 1000years expanding Islam religion and Christianity was dying till the crusaders.

30. Here comes Pope Urban II and the crusaders to the rescue of Christianity. With the growing influence of the Arabs and Islam religion and the threatening of Jerusalem by the Arabs, the Pope in Europe cried out in November 27 1095 that the Holy sites of Christianity would be over run by infidels(Arabs) and Christianity would go extinct. He promised everyone who would partake in the crusade “heaven at last”(like the Lords Chosen says) and complete blotting away of one’s sins.

31. Everyone ran around answering the Pope’s call. Who wouldn’t want heaven at last? The Pope said “If you die in the crusade, automatic ticket to heaven”. (google about the Crusades)
PS: your church crusade got it’s name from the Pope’s call in 1095.

32. Jerusalem was liberated from the Arabs who had ruled for a thousand years or more. The crusaders hated jews, killed them, sold some to slavery. They had one goal, stop the Arabs and magnify Christianity in Jerusalem.(today Judaism is the major religion in Israel Islam in number 2, then you have Christianity in 3rd position)

33. The crusade didn’t end with the first one though. They had 8 more Crusades with “saviours” of Christianity coming from Europe to “save” Jerusalem and Israel.

34. The crusaders hunted Jews both in the Middle East and in Europe. One of the major reasons the crusades collapsed.

35. After the collapse of the crusades, the Mamluks from Egypt arose, they raided Israel and surrounding territories for centuries and placed a great part of Israeli lands under their authority. Again, Jews were the main focus of assault and killings, Jews ran away from their lands as they had been doing for centuries after the Hasmonean Dynasty fell to the Romans.

36. All hail the Ottomans, Turks( old name of the country Turkey was the Ottoman Empire). The ottomans ran the affair of Israel for 400 years. Just so you know, Turkey was purely a Christian nation prior to the conquest from the Arabs.

37. The Ottomans ruled till 1917 when they lost the First World War (1914-1918). The British took over the Palestine region (Israel included).

38. A large number of jews began returning home, some fleeing the killings in Russia, Germany, in fact, the entire Europe. Germany blamed the Jews for it’s loss during the 1st WW.

39. With the tension in Europe and another World War looming, the Jews formed an Agency that would protect them when another threat arose. The Agency(Zionist or Zionism) proposed “a State of Israel”. It would be the first uniting factor for Jews almost 2000years after the Hasmonean dynasty was destroyed. The state would be located in former Jewish territory currently occupied by Palestinians (they claim lineage from The Canaanites).

40. In 1938 WW2 broke out. Jews in Fascist states were slaughtered. In Cech, Poland, Austria, and especially Germany(Hitler killed 6million). Hitler went on a spree to wipe the world clean of Jews, they were vermins to Hitler. In North Africa, Jews were used as slaves during the war. (read about the holocaust and ghettos)

41. With increasing deaths of Jews in the war, the US introduced a programme that would help Jews emigrate to the US(Albert Einstein benefited from this programme).

42. After the defeat of the Axis powers(Germany,Japan, and it’s allies) by the Allied Forces( UK, France, USSR, USA and it’s allies) the United Nations was formed and it accepted a proposal much to the disagreement of the Arabs to the establishment of a State of Israel in Palestine.

43. In 1948, the UN gave a portion of land to the Jews, they lived in constant hostility with her Arab neighbours. Israel controlled the West side of Jerusalem and Palestine controlled the East side.

44. The bone of contention was, with Islam’s third holiest site in Jerusalem, the Arabs claimed the city as theirs. And with Judaism holiest site in Jerusalem, the Jews said it was theirs quoting history. The Palestine said the whole land UN gave to Israel has been theirs since creation, that they were they children of the Canaanites the Jews chased away on their coming back from Egypt during Moses and Joshua’s time.

45. The whole Arab world gathered and faced Israel, in an attempt to destroy Israel forever and stamp Arab dominance on the land.

46. Israel was backed by the US and UK covertly so they told the Arabs to do their worse.

47. Israel got word that the Arabs would strike and the strike would mean their end. They had to do something fast for their survival depended on it. In 1967, the Israeli army attacked the Arabs taking them by surprise. In 6days, the war ended with Israel the outright winner. As war spoils, Israel took control of the whole of Jerusalem, the West bank, Gholan heights which weren’t among the territories the UN gave them in 1948.

48. Israel’s legislative branch( the kessent) named Jerusalem it’s capital much to the chagrin of the Arabs.

49. Israel developed weapons of mass destruction to keep it’s people safe as its whole neighbour’s wants it’s head on a platter.

50. The USA under the presidency of Trump opens it’s embassy in Jerusalem validating Israel’s claim to the one of the most talked about cities in the world. The Palestines are crying foul and running around looking for help. All terrorists organisations in the Middle East has called for the fall of Israel.

51. Hard times ahead.


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