Your faith is your lifeline

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Hebrews 11 verse 1 defines faith as the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. For increased understanding, faith is what a man stretches out in order to be in link with what God has. God has packages for man but if a man does not link up through faith, he will find it difficult to connect. ‘You shall not borrow’ for instance is an instruction that if you heed to it, it will push you to trust God to supply your needs. ‘I am the God that healeth thee’ is an assurance and promise that can push you to release your faith to obtain healing from God.

Take note of this: With faith, you can obtain results that people may feel is not possible. With faith, you can place yourself on a different class because you will begin to see outcomes in your life that is beyond ordinary. We have experienced drastic and dramatic interventions of God through faith in His word. You know what? It takes the same energy to believe or not to believe. It is just a choice. Some years ago, I fought a battle whether to allow money take over the health care of my family and I or rely on God to continue to take care of it. The battle lingered for days in the face of a health challenge. As the scary symptoms were staring on my face, God was sending His word to me. As I held on to that word in Psalm 16 verse 8, all the symptoms disappeared one after the other. Your faith in God is precious, please guard it because it is your lifeline.


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