Nigerians underrated a man who Forged certificates

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Nigerians underrated the man who Forged his birth certificate.
Forged his school certificate.
Forged his identity and name
And nothing happened.

We underrated a man who got away with paying people to impersonate as bishops and pastors.
Got away with drug cases even in the US.
Got away with Muslim/Muslim ticket.
Got away with ethnic bigotry.
And we did nothing.

We underestimated a man who pocketed the media for years and controlled the narrative.
Pocketed Lagos for over 20 years and decided who governs her.
Controlled APC and brought in Buhari to rule after he has even given up.

We did not pay attention when he intentionally refused to attend any presidential debates, but made jokes of them.

We didn’t pay attention when his greatest critic, FFK, became his biggest defender.
The “almighty” Wike with his band became his puppet.
The one-time respected lawyer Festus Keyamo became his errand boy.

Maybe, just maybe, we underrated him too much and never saw that he could buy Yakubu and the entire INEC structure, buy the electoral system, and control even the police and judiciary.

We urged him on with our silence and even hailed him as a Chicago boy. We were comfortable calling him Emilokan.

We forgot that the man who ordered for the massacre of protesting innocent youths in Lagos is prepared to shed as many blood as possible to be in Aso Rock, it’s his life time dream.

We forgot that for over 10 years this man made solid plans to become the president of Nigeria by all means or wreck it. He even told us about how dirty he was prepared to grab power.

But, he underrated the resilient spirits of the present NIGERIAN youths, and that is his greatest undoing. If we allow this to stand, we should expect this to be only but the beginning. If we win this, we will put an end to impunity, bigotry, godfatherism, hooliganism, thuggery, intimidation and violence.
This robbery should not be allowed.

Don’t come telling me it is the will of God. If robbery and violence are the will of God, what then was the purpose for establishing the police department?

The mother of all revolutionary protest that will shake the very foundation of Nigeria is now inevitable.
Tinubu will not be the President of Nigeria ‼️

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