Surprise Wins At Division One National Volleyball League In Kaduna 

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*Life Camp maintains winning streak
As Day 1 results of the ongoing  National Division 1 Volleyball League in Kaduna comes public, lots of surprise wins were recorded on October 7.
In the game between Life Camp   Volleyball Club sprung a surprise win over  Oluyole Spikers, it was a clean sweep of 3-0.
The first set ended  25-19, second  25-11 and third  25-18.
NAF Rocket battled hard to secure  a resounding 3-2 victory over  Sword Volleyball Club.
First set recorded 24-26, second, 20-25,  third 25-23,  fourth 25-23 and  fifth 15-11.
Ajase Ipo  failed to sustain steam after they came back in the second and won the third set, losing to experienced  Safety Spikers 2-3.
The first set was a close shot at  23-25,  second set 25-22,  third 25-17,  fourth 16-25 and fifth  7-15.
In the second round of matches, Oluyole Spikers  could not withstand the fire power of  NAF Rockets, losing  0-3.
First set ended  26-28,  second 12-25 and  third  15-21.
Ajase Ipo again, failed to win their second match to   Sword Volleyball Club  2-3.
First set 25-23, second  16-25,  third 22-25,  fourth 25-21 and fifth 7-15.
Life Camp Volleyball Club with their second match, look promising as they dismantled  Safety Spikers 3-1.
First  set 25-21,  second  17-25,  third 25-23 and fourth  25-21.
*Day 2 results of the National Division 1 Volleyball Leagues in Kaduna on Sunday (8th October)*
On Day 2, Olalomi Royal Spikers  fell 3-0 to Oluyole Spikers.
First set 14-25,  second  21-15,  third 24-26.
Life Camp VC still maintaining its winning streaks, trounced   Adamawa Spikers 3-0.
First set 25-23,  second  25-23 and  third 25-16.
Safety Spikers could not withstand the fire power of NAF Rockets, losing   0-3.
First set 17-25,  second 20-25 and third 15-25.
Ajase Ipo yet to find their groove,  yet again, fell to Adamawa Spikers 2-3.
First set 25-12, second  17-25,  third 25-22,  fourth 22-25 and  9-15.

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