Kukah Centre Tasks Kaduna Residents On Peaceful Coexistence

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The Kukah Centre in collaboration with Global Peace Foundation and Health Justice Development and Peace has urged Nigerians to embrace peace, love and religious tolerance.

Speaking at a one-day conference in Kaduna on inter-religious dialogue with the theme; ‘Seeking Common Ground for Collaboration in a Community’, Rev Fr Sixtus Ladi Onuh said there is urgent need for Nigerians to embrace peace with one another irrespective of tribe or religion.

According to him, Nigerians must find a way of living together,  build trust among themselves and also show compassion to people of other faiths.

He called on the stakeholders to see how they can engage the youth to be more meaningful to the society.

Fr  Onuh also called on religious leaders to douse tension and find a way of teaching the right doctrines to  adherents.

Earlier, the co-executive directors at the Inter-faith Mediation Centre (IMC), Rev James Muvel  Wuye and Imam Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, said the two religions preach peace, adding that Nigerians are brothers and sisters in humanity.

They urged Nigerians to see one another as friends, not as enemies, nothing that they were all created by one God.

Northern coordinator of Global Peace Foundation, Sheikh Halliru Abdullahi Maraya  who spoke on ‘Inter-religious Dialogue as an Instrument of Peace for the Common Good of the Society’ urged Nigerians to respect one another’s religions and beliefs.

He appealed to religious leaders to stop preaching disunity among their members, and rather preach peace and unity.

The Programme Officer, Kukah Centre Kaduna Office, Methodius Karfe urged Nigerians to live together in peace and harmony.
Christians and Muslims stakeholders at the conference advised Nigerians to cultivate the spirit of tolerance, forgiveness in the interest of the national unity.

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