Group Wants Senate Presidency Zoned To South-East

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South-East Unity Movement has implored the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to be neutral in the selection process of the principal officers of the National Assembly.

The group also cautioned politicians against uttering insidious remarks capable of causing ethic division and violence.

Its Chairman, Godwish Kuruma Obi, in a statement, yesterday, noted that the South East would not fold its arms and watch, those he called ‘greedy politicians’ stock unnecessary regional tensions that would potentially affect our investments all across the country.

“The South-East Unity Movement is deeply worried by the direction the country is being pushed by power hungry regionalist politicians over the issue of selection of leaders and officers of the 10th National Assembly.

“We find it unfortunate that people who are supposed to be distinguished gentlemen and women trusted with mandates by their constituencies would find it difficult to form leadership for themselves and by themselves without unnecessary interference by vested interests.

“The South-East, in spite of the strident cries of marginalisation in the way the nation is structured and operated is however more committed to sustainable peace than all the other sections of the country.

“This implies that the South-East would not fold its arms and watch greedy politicians stock unnecessary regional tensions that would potentially affect our investments all across the country.“We therefore urge politicians to tread with caution and play by the rules with fairness to all sections of the country devoid of dangerous preconditions and sinister motives.

“We call on political party structures particularly the party in power to allow the three organs of government to exercise their constitutionally demarcated roles unhindered.“The National Working Committee of the APC is therefore cautioned against continuous meddling with the leadership affairs with the constitutionally and democratically independent and autonomous legislative arm of government.

“We also caution the President-elect not to be dragged into counterproductive, self-serving conflicts over the NASS leadership. He should take the path of honour by maintaining neutrality and insisting on democratic processes,” he said.

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