Kaduna Guber: Arewa Youth Endorses Uba Sani

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Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has endorsed the Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator Uba Sani in the March 11 gubernatorial election.
In a statement signed by the Kaduna State Chairman, AYCF,  Sagir Umar said “we  have been following  closely the 2023 general elections, and wish to categorically state that it was largely orderly”.
“We know that INEC and her BVAS cannot be perfect and the electoral umpire has done its best in the circumstance. As Nigerians, we have learnt one important lesson: a candidate may not necessarily win his/her immediate Constituency, once the election is free and fair.
“We have noticed this reality in the performance of each of the three presidential candidates, who lost in places that were least expected. Significantly,  we pray that the last and final lap of the 2023 general elections take place peacefully”.
“Meanwhile,  as a forum, we have closely studied the various antecedents of the Kaduna State Governorship candidates and have concluded to pitch our tent with  distinguish Senator Uba Sani of the APC. Our stand is not because he is just an APC candidate but based on the following findings by our organization;
“On the scale of performance as a representative of the people in the.red chambers he has broken record with some 32 bills of relevance to the economic and social wellbeing of his constituents.
” He is the best friend of the poor people in Kaduna because he has provided portable drinking water, improved low level of literacy by investing heavily in education”.
” He has helped the Small Scale businesses with capital to boost their entrepreneurship. He has trained persons in their thousands, to be self-employed, thereby creating a reservoir of millionaires, using the financial inclusion policy of the CBN.
“He has lent  support to victims of banditry and remains the only politician in the current dispensation to share special financial, feeding and material support to the survivors of these attacks. He has also provided vehicles for the vigilante services,  to compliment the efforts of security agents in Kaduna State.
“He is still leading, in supporting  the orphans, disabled, widows and other underprivileged persons with food, clothing and other forms of support”.
“He is also leading in supporting the promotion of religious scholarship and provision of alternative power sources like solar panels to Mosques and churches in Kaduna as well as boreholes in rural communities, running into hundreds of millions off naira.
“Our findings also showed that Senator Uba Sani has been an apostle of politics without bitterness, building bridges across religious and ethnic  boundaries, just like the typical broadminded Northern politician.
“Generally speaking, Senator Uba Sani is well ahead of all his rivals in terms of caring for the welfare of the masses of our people as a person and officially as a lawmaker. He has demonstrated passion, timelessness in the service of poor people for many years”.
“As AYCF Kaduna State Chairman, I can testify that Senator Uba Sani has played leading role in the fight against military dictatorship, especially during the NADECO era. He remains a symbol of struggle to most of us in the human rights community. He gave his best to the emergence of the current democracy and Rule of Law in Nigeria”.
“In view of the above reasons and in the spirit of purposeful societal development, we wish to declare our full support for the governorship ambition of Senator Uba Sani.
“We should not forget that he is so far the most  experienced of all the Kaduna 2023 governorship candidates, with civil rights activitism, years of public service ( including once serving as adviser to Nigerian president)and numerous other political engagements. We make bold to say his rivals fall short of these experiences of human resource management  and legendary generosity”.

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