Ndigbo, stop this expensive joke

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We have played into the hands of the enemy!
In Bende town, Abia state, security agents are killing, maiming, burning and destroying! I don’t want to say more than this. Investigate!
I suggest that we dissuade our young men from discussing Biafra! I want us to concentrate on our business. Cant we just concentrate on the expansion of our business frontiers?
The biggest airliner in Nigeria (and perhaps the largest privately owned one in Africa) is owned by an Igboman. The biggest conglomerate of banks and hotels in Africa today is owned by an Igboman. The biggest transporters in Nigeria are the Igbo. The richest traders in every nook and cranny of Nigeria are Igbos. In Lekki,Lagos state today, 70-80% of houses springing up are owned by the Igbo. In a nutshell, the Igbo is the richest tribe (per capita )in Nigeria.
Why should we be involved in the burning of police stations and removing of guns? What can you achieve with an AK47 that was acquired by Gowon in 1974?
In the last count, the Nigerian Army, had six million pieces of 84mm Carl Gustav in Jaji.
I promise you that a single GPMG will make my own community in Abia run into cross river state in fear.
The “Egbe onu” (Okoko Ndem)strategy that was deployed in 1968 to encourage our frontline is still what we are using. Are we cursed? Biafra won the propaganda war of 1967 – 70, but did they defeat the federal forces ?
Anagh eji onu alu ogu.
I wish the Igboman could open his eyes and see how jealous her neighbours are. They are just looking for an opportunity to burn our markets, destroy our businesses and kill our young men.
If you cannot visit Barcelona, please just marry your google.
I encourage you, okadaman at Ama JK Owerri, the kekeman at Ngwa road by East, nobody in United Nations, Britain or Canada is going to give you Biafra. The best Biafra you can have is to save your money and expand your business. Feed your family and pray that you don’t turn your children to kwashiokor patients. Any man telling you that immediately this brewing crisis starts, international community would intervene, na lie!
During the End SARS protests, US state department spokesman, made it clear that “west Africa is not a priority”

In 2004, I was in Germany to buy my goods. The merchandise wasn’t ready, I had 10 days to do a cross country tour of Europe. As a very energetic young man, my shipper took me to the wore torn Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Nwanne, if you cannot visit this country, chekie ya na Google. Recieve sense!
Why are we giving the enemy the opportunity to kill us and destroy our hard earned resources?

Igbos were given £20 each in 1970. The enemy excluded us from the indeginisation program, they bought all the blue chip foreign companies. Our neighbours collected our houses and called it “abandoned properties”
Today the war mongers amongst us are still saying that the neighbours that stole our properties are Biafrans. Are we insane!? The Rivers man has told you time without number, that he’s not Igbo and you’re including him in your Biafra equation! What type of mad people are we?

Under the banner of “One North- One destiny” The middle belters, the Igala, the Munchi, shosho, Mada, koro, Angas, Idoma etc(That we are sympathetic with, over the invasion of the enemy into their territory)were the ones who fought Biafra, killed us, ripped open the wombs of pregnant women, burnt our barns and raped our aged mothers. They were the foot soldiers. While, the Fulani and their Hausa collaborators were the Nigerian officers, the middle belter was doing their bid in our land. Why are they now crying!? Wetin concern us with their plight ?
We should not be involved!

Wetin concern Igbos with Sunday Igboho?
Those who in 1967 said that starvation is a legitimate weapon of war, watched millions of children die of malnutrition and outright hunger, are the ones saying they want Oduduwa republic?? Inukwa!! Wonders shall never end!
We should be laughing and shaking our legs and drinking palm wine with peppered Bush meat.

Bikonu, let’s be peaceful. Let’s conduct ourselves like wisemen. The Bible says that Wisdom is profitable to direct. Let’s not allow these fools destroy us!
At independence, 80% of permanent secretaries across the ministries at the federal level were Igbos.
The vice chancellors of the major universities in Nigeria were Igbos. When you heard that Nigerians were studying in all the Ivy league institutions in the world, 95% were Igbos. When the country became a republic in 1963, the 1033 Nigerians who were in the upper echelons of the administration of Universities in America, only two were non Igbos.
When Princess Alexandria visited Nigeria, the Federal government begged an Igboman(Akweke Orizu) to lend his Chevrolet Limo to transport the Royal visitor.
Enquire about Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu(The “Sir” in his name is not Knight of st Mulumba. He was Commander of the British Empire, CBE -knighted by queen Elizabeth II) He was the richest black man on Earth.
We sacrificed everything on the alter of Biafra in 1970 and all of a sudden, somebody wants us be slaughtered in 2021?
Are we cursed?

As you and I are waiting for coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, so is the Fulani waiting for Usman Danfodio’s prophecy that Quaran must be dipped into the Atlantic. Will it work? It can’t work!

Ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, we don’t need Biafra for now, neither do we need political power at the centre.
What we need is peace and an enabling environment for our GOD-given entrepreneurial ingenuity to thrive.

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