Coalition Faults Tinubu, ECOWAS’s Measures On Niger, Moves For UN, EU, AU Sanctions Against Nigeria

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*Frowns at  Tinubu’s alleged interference in  governorship election petitions in Kano, Plateau, Zamfara
Niger-based groups, Coalition of Civil Liberty Organization in Niger Republic (CODDAE), Maradi-State has faulted the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) fresh sanctions on Niger Republic. 
The coalition also expressed  worries over the overbearing diplomatic policies being imposed by the regional union against Niger Republic, insisting that ECOWAS should have reconsidered better options to mutually resolve the military invasion in Niger. 
ECOWAS under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu, in its resolution, imposed fresh sanctions on the junta in Niger. The regional bloc had earlier given the coup executors seven days to reinstate President Bazoum or risk sanctions, including possible military action.
Leading hundreds of Nigeriens on peaceful public protest at Tribune Public Arena in Maradi, the coalition leader, Abdu Dan Neito said ECOWAS is inflicting more economic pain and hardship on the citizens, rather than resolving the leadership crisis. 
Neito raised concerns over the special interest of President Tinubu on Niger matter,  wondering why similar  pressure was  yet to be seen against other neighboring African countries where military government took over. 
The coalition had enjoined President Tinubu to rather upswing energy on abuse of democratic dispensation, and violation of rule of law under his careful administration in Nigeria. 
Essentially, the group faulted President Tinubu’s interference in the governorship election petitions in Kano, Plateau, Zamfara states under the opposition parties, the President is working to takeover. 
The group said Tinubu is orchestrating double standards in his supposed democratic intervention in Niger, while violating democratic process in Kano, Plateau and Zamfara States governorship election trial to favour his party. 
Neito called for appropriate diplomatic sanction by United Nations and European Union against Nigeria for invading and infleuncing judicial judgement against the three states. 
They equally solicited the support of the 19 Northern Nigerian states as brothers bound in economic, social and culture, dated back the pre-independence era to rescue Niger from its humanitarian crisis. 
The coalition made specific cordial relationship between Niger and Kano in the area of commerce, trade and marital affairs, appealing on Kano State Government to prevail on the present hardship in Niger. 
The coalition also conducted a special prayer over the injustice meted against Niger Republic by the President Tinubu-led ECOWAS regional bloc and sought for divine intervention for the support of the military junta in Niger.

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