Apex Middle Belt Group Condemns Demolition Of Houses Belonging To Igbos In Lagos

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By Innocent Emmanuel, Abuja

An umbrella body representing the Middle Belt ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, the Core Middle Belt Values has drawn the attention of the Federal Government and the international community to the alleged demolition of properties of Nigerians of South East extraction in Lagos .

In a press statement issued by Its Public Relations Officer, Okpani Mike Akatu Odeh on Friday, November 9 2023 and made available to the press, the CMBV said it is calling on the Federal Government, the United States of America, Britain and France to as a matter of urgency wade into the alleged demolition of houses belonging to the Igbos in Lagos following the presidential and gubernatorial elections.

According to Okpani Mike, if the allegations of are true, it means that the Lagos State Government is commiting a crime tantamount to apartheid against a section of Nigeria and it is also pushing Nigeria to the brink of another civil strife

The Spokesman of CMBV therefore urged the international community to weigh in on Lagos State Government to investigate, stop and punish those responsible for the alleged demolition.

“We as the representatives of ethnic nationalities in the Middle Belt States of Nigeria are calling on the international community to call on the Lagos State Government to investigate the allegation that houses belonging to the Igbos are been demolished, punished those responsible for such acts and to compensate those whose houses were demolished.

“It it high time that Federal and State Governments begin to live towards their primary responsibilities which means that they should be agents of unity and harmony, the statement noted

In recent times, notable Igbos living in Lagos have posted on the Facebook pages, X handles and Instagram accounts that their landed properties in Lagos South West Nigeria had been demolished by agents suspected to be Lagos Government officials .

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