Kaduna Group Face 2 Face Movement Steps Up Activities, Woos More Members 

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*Plans leadership training for members
A grassroots group, Face 2 Face Mobilization Movement in Kaduna State with tens of thousands membership, has stepped up it’s activities with a view to ensuring credible representation of political office holders.
This came to the fore at its meeting held on Sunday July 2, 2023 in Kaduna.
Speaker after speaker at the meeting, stressed the need for membership drive, to position them to have huge impact in the political activities in the state.
Members of the group emphasized that being a non partisan group, their focus is on ensuring only credible candidates emerge to represent the state in all tiers of governance. 
Speaking earlier, president of the group, Comrade Bulus Micah Usman explained that they have been in existence fit eight years and have so far made impact in terms of those who have emerged on the political terrain. 
He charged all members to be committed, as well as dedicated to activities of the group.
He emphasized that the most important thing for them is to forge ahead and make impact, with all members having a say in the movement.
“We look forward to doing more things like printing political magazines and other activities that will further consolidate on impact made.
“We are looking forward to being formidable and determining political outcomes in 10 local government areas of the state and by extension, the entire state
” We look forward to having convention annually, where we can have even the president of Nigeria in attendance based on invitation, as empowered by our constitution, which was certified in December 2021.
“We will make copies of the constitution available to most individuals, before we go on to its final process.
” The group is open to all ethnic groups, religions and tribal affiliations. 
“I urge you to invite others to our meetings, so we can have more impact. We work with JNI and CAN, so our membership is not  drawn from  any single religion.
“We would finalize deliberation on our constitution at our next meeting God willing, I implore all of you to be present then,” he said.
Speaking further, he said the group is not all about politics, but I’d focused on development, hence, soon, projects by the movement will be seen in different communities.
He revealed that before becoming a bonafide member of the group, all members are advised to register for a leadership training coming up in October this year.
“The one-day training will afford members opportunity to learn and mingle. It would prepare them to be members. Please put it at the back of your mind, you will pay for the training, but it won’t be much,” so that we can also have support from our patrons,” he said. 
He therefore, introduced Comrade Obadiah James, who would be the chairman of the leadership training committee, whose full membership would soon be made public. 

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