Group To Tinubu: Be Ruthless In Dealing With Corruption

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*Dares Matawalle to provide evidence of corruption against EFCC boss or face law suit
If President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is to succeed, he must take a decisive step in dealing ruthlessly with corruption irrespective of religious, tribe or political affiliation.
A group, The Corruption Trackers’ Initiative gave the advise at a press briefing in Kaduna on Wednesday May 31, 2023.
“We are calling on the president, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be so decisive and ruthless on the issue of corruption if he wants to succeed, the president must not allow anybody irrespective of political affiliation, tribe or religion escape punishment if found culpable in any corruption case,” the group said.
Reading the text of the briefing,

Executive Director the Corruption Trackers’ Initiative (TCTI), Hamza Abidin  said that  the president should reenergize the anti-corruption agencies and their affiliates to do their work effectively.

Speaking further, they challenged former Governor of Zamfara State,  Bello Matawalle  to make public his evidence of allegation of extortion against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Chairman or be ready to meet them in court.
“Nobody should be above the law, but blackmail and propaganda should not be tolerated. the corruption trackers’ have commenced the mobilization of at least one hundred thousand (100,000) state volunteers to gear up for the new task of NO ESCAPE ROUTE FOR LOOTERS.
“They are expected to monitor and report activities of suspected corrupt public officials and prepare public protest where necessary,” they revealed.
According to the text of the press  conference titled,  “No Escape Route For Looters” they insisted that corrupt public office holders must account for their stewardship after May 29.
“This press  conference is to inform the public on our activities, finding and positions on various ministries, departments, agencies, and parastatals in Nigeria based on available man power, resources and expertise.
“It has been a very difficult task but we are happy that our activities will seriously assist constituted authority in bringing public fund looters to book,” the group assured.
They said so far, they were able to track over 17 government agencies and parastatals in the area of corruption, accountability, value for money, prudency and transparency.
“Some of this organisations were able to prove a good record of accountability, transparency and good governance, while some stink in corruption and bad leadership.
“Our findings some agencies, ministries and parastatals engage in last minute recruitments, procurement, contract awarding, auctioning etc.
“Some of them never follow due process and most of the activities are enmeshed in large scale corruption, secrecy and lack decorum for good governance. some politically expose person are already in high level arrangement to leave the country so as to escape been investigated and possible prosecution,” the group said.
They averred that some corrupt public officials are already forming groups which they  intend to use in blackmailing some of the constituted authorities like EFCC, ICPC etc. to forestall any investigation about their stewardship.
“We shall be submitting our findings and report to constituted authority for further investigation and possible prosecution,” they assured.

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