Muslim Muslim ticket: My soul is not for sale, I cannot trade truth for votes, Sen Abbo says

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….you can’t use me to cover injustice, he says

By Tom Garba,Yola

The Muslim Muslim ticket arrangement of the All Progressives Congress, APC, party didn’t go well with some of the party’s loyalists.

Adamawa State Senator Representing the Northern Senator District, Mr Ishaku Abbo is one of such party members who have shown an open disagreement with the the Ahmed Bola Tinubu choice of Senator Kashim Shettiman as his running mate.

Abbo was in forefront campaigning for the realization of Tinubu’s presidential ticket but back stepped his support for Tinubu on the twist of plan of his Muslim Muslim adoption.

In a recent post on his Facebook verified page, Ishaku has during a meeting with some of his constituents in Mubi said some people are threatening his life and vowed to defeat him in the coming 2023 election.

He said those threatening to defeat him has no capacity because he is standing on truth which he value more than anything.

He Condemned the ongoing coordinated campaign against him portraying him to be an enemy of Islam because of his open criticism of either Muslim Muslim ticket, or Christian Christian ticket.

“I see few coordinated campaigns going on against me portraying me as an enemy of Islam more especially from people with no political support base because of my rejection of a Christian/Christian or Muslim/Muslim ticket at a national level which to me contradicts sections 14:3, section 16:1-3 and section 142 of our constitution.” Abbo said

He threatened legal action against an online media to have been carrying malicious and defaming headlines against him.

“Also An online paper YOLA 24 are to carrying malicious and defaming headings against me. I warned them personally with respect to the freedom of press but seems they do not know where their rights ends and others’ rights starts. I have authorized my lawyers to look into those misleading publications with a view of taking legal action.

“For the records, those threatening to defeat me has no capacity to defeat me because I am standing on TRUTH which I value more than anything. I told you before that I cannot trade truth for votes. My soul is not for sale.” He added

Abbo continued to say that nobody can use him to cover up injustice:

“You cannot use me to cover injustice. You cannot intimidate me Into accepting lies. Continue with the hate and spread of lies. SIA will never apologize for saying the truth. I stand for truth no matter the prize. That’s why I am SIA.

He quoted the Bible in the book Daniel 3:17-18:

“If we are thrown into the blazing fire, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your hand. But even if he God does not deliver us, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve you or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

He singled out one of the APC Stakeholder in the Adamawa northern zone, Kwacham Buba Abdurahaman and praised him for standing up to say the truth.

“They accused me of forcing two Christian APC candidates on Mubi North and south. I am glad the meeting took place in Kwacham’s house and he is bold enough to stand up as a leader and say the truth.

“I grew up seeing Kwaccham playing politics with my Uncle and Nigerias Ambassador to the Czech Republic Amb. Kevin Peter. Kwacham was instrumental in helping my family get the second tenure as Chairman Mubi North in 2018. Despite our little political differences, Kwacham has been a worthy family friend to us.” He said

Being their Son, he called on the people of Mubi North to support him.

“To my brothers and sister in SabonLayi, Kolere and Yelwa, I ask you to show me more love because I am your son. Follow up on my next post for the details. Thank you Hon. Kwaccham and God bless my son and number one supporter Ibraheem Kwaccam”

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