Zango Kataf/Jaba Reps Member Donates Fertilizer To Four Chiefdoms

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Rt. Hon. Amos Gwamna Magaji has made another significant contribution to the agricultural development in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area by donating another set of fertilizers to the four chiefdoms within the area.

The recipients of this generous donation include royal fathers, council members, district heads and village heads.

During the distribution ceremony, the member representing Zango Kataf/Jaba Constituency at the House of Representatives, Rt Hon. Magaji was represented by Mr. Samson Yakubu and Manasseh Ade, who both spoke on his behalf.

They highlighted Rt. Hon. Magaji’s dedication to the well-being of the chiefdoms and underscored the critical role that agriculture plays in the community and the nation at large.

They emphasized that by providing support to the royal fathers, district heads, council members and villages, Hon. Magaji aims to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure food security in the community.

The four royal fathers, who received the fertilizers at their respective palaces, expressed deep gratitude to Hon. Magaji for his thoughtful and timely support.

They acknowledged the positive impact the donation would have on their agricultural practices.

The village heads also conveyed heartfelt gratitude to Hon. Magaji.

They appreciated his support and wished him a long life and continued success in his political career, recognizing his efforts to improve the agricultural sector and, by extension, the livelihood of the people in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area.

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