5 Months Black Out: KASU Kafanchan Campus Students Embark On Massive Protest

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*Threaten examination boycott on October 16
Fulfilling  a threat issued in a communique from a meeting held on September 16, 2023 to embark on protest if power was not restored to their institution, students of Kaduna State University (KASU), Kafanchan Campus staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday October 11.
Thousands of students who were sighted during the protest, were seen carrying placards bearing various inscriptions.
According to the communique  earlier issued, titled, “Collective Resolution on the Ongoing Power Blackout” which was jointly signed by, Comr. Leonard Jesse (SRC Vice Chairman and NAAS President),
Comr. Eli Josiah Sajo (KADSSU-KASU VP1 and SRC Auditor 2),
Comr. Tony Shehu (SRC PRO and FESSA President),  Comr. Olaniyi Samuel Oluwasegun (NEMSA President), Comr. Cyprain David Bitiyong (NAQSS President) and
Comr. Abelo Cephas Danasabe (SRC DSL and AEMS President), the students described the power cut as an infringement on their rights.
“In an urgent meeting held on September 26, 2023, the students of Kaduna State University
(Kafanchan Campus) gathered to address the severe and ongoing 5 months power blackout that
has plagued our campus since May 2023.
“This unfortunate situation has persisted through our  last semester examinations and continues to persist as we approach our second-semester
examinations scheduled for October 16, 2023.
“The meeting was characterized by a spirit of  unity and a genuine desire to uphold the rights to quality education, as enshrined in Chapter II, Section 18 of the Fundamental Human Rights under the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) of the  Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“In light of the aforementioned blackout, we have taken into account the tireless efforts
made by the university to mitigate the situation, particularly the provision of generator
power,” the communique said.
According to them however, the financial constraints facing the university has made it challenging to  consistently utilize the generator, which often fails to supply power for an adequate
duration required for productive study sessions.
“We have diligently explored various channels to resolve the power outage issue, including
submitting several letters to the School Management, engaging in numerous meetings with
campus management, and making our grievances public through letters and other forms of
“Regrettably, all these efforts have yielded very little result, and we continue to endure this unfortunate situation.
“Therefore, after much deliberation and in consideration of the aforementioned circumstances, we
have collectively resolved on the following course of action:
Resolution 1: Two-Day Peaceful Demonstration
“We, the students of KASU Kafanchan Campus, have resolved to organise a two-day peaceful
demonstration within the campus premises.
“This demonstration is scheduled to take place on the 11th and 12th of October, 2023 to raise awareness about the critical issue of the prolonged  power blackout. We believe that this action will draw attention to our plight and put pressure  on the relevant authorities to expedite the restoration of power to our campus,” they declared.
The communique said that Resolution 2 as  adopted by the students, is examination boycott on October 16, 2023.
“In the event that power is not restored to our campus by the scheduled date of our second semester examinations, which is October 16, 2023, we are prepared to take more drastic
“We hereby declare that if the power supply issue remains unresolved by this date,  the students of KASU Kafanchan Campus will boycott the forthcoming examinations.
“We would like to emphasize that these resolutions are a collective decision of the students of
Kaduna State University Kafanchan Campus, made in the best interests of our academic and overall well-being. We firmly believe that access to the uninterrupted power supply is a  fundamental necessity for the achievement of quality education, a right we are entitled to
under Chapter II, Section 18 of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended).
“Furthermore, our actions are firmly rooted in the constitutional rights to freedom of thought,
conscience, and expression (Section 38); freedom of expression and the press (Section 39);  freedom of assembly and association (Section 40); and freedom of movement (Section 41) as  outlined in Chapter IV of the Fundamental Human Rights Under
“The 1999 Constitution (As
Amended). We stand by these constitutional provisions as we seek to bring attention to our
plight and work towards a solution.
“This communique serves as an official declaration of the collective resolution made by the
students of Kaduna State University, Kafanchan Campus. Therefore, we kindly call upon all
relevant authorities, including the university management and the government, to take swift
and appropriate measures to restore power to our campus, ensuring that the rights of the students  to quality and adequate education are upheld.
“We urge all students to stand united in support of these resolutions and to participate
actively in the upcoming peaceful demonstration as a sign of our commitment to bringing a
swift resolution to this issue.
“We remain resolute and united in our pursuit of a better learning environment at KASU  Kafanchan Campus,” they declared.

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