Insecurity: Fish Out Sponsors Of Terror Groups, HEKAN President Tasks Tinubu

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*Says hope not lost, urges Nigerians to pray for a better country
Following increasing spate of  insecurity in the country, a call has been made for security agencies to double efforts and for the federal government to investigate the financiers and sponsors of these terror groups, with a view to nipping such in the bud
The call was made by the President of The United Church of Christ in Nigeria (UCCN), popularly known as HEKAN,   Rev. (Dr.) Amos G. Kiri
during Priestly Ordination of clergies  on Sunday October 8, 2023  at HEKAN Headquarters in Kaduna.
“The loss of one life of a Nigerian is one too many. We pray that God will grant Mr. President and the entire nation the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. [A minute silent]. In spite of change in leadership, Nigeria continues to experience attacks from bandits, kidnappers, and unknown gunmen.
“While we note the efforts of the government and security personnel in arresting the situation, may I use this medium to call on our security officials to re-strategize their plans in the fight against these hoodlums.
“In my previous speeches, I had urged the Government to take a closer look and investigate the financiers and sponsors of these terror groups. One wonders what happened to those who were fingered as sponsor of terror group during the PMB government. In this kind of fight, intelligent base information gathering and synergy is key,” he said.
On behalf of the entire HEKAN family, he felicitated with the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, GCFR; over the loss of military officers and other security personnel across the nation.
He added that the government should use all the apparatus in its custody to fight these groups headlong.
“Mr. President, Nigerians are suffering and hunger is so visible everywhere because many farmlands have been confiscated by these terror groups preventing farmers from accessing their farms to plant crops. Where the farmers can plant, the terror groups are the harvesters.
“As if this is not enough, the subsidy removal has escalated the cost of basic essential commodities that the average Nigerian needs. The palliative measures initiative by the government is a welcome development.
“However, I appeal to those saddled with the work of distribution to be magnanimous enough in their responsibilities, have the fear of God and ensure that only the needy get the palliative. If this is done, the hardship on the common citizens will be cushion minimally,” he said.
On Nigeria’s 63rd Independance Anniversary,  he said all hope is not lost.
“Beloved, Happy Independence!! Wish you all the 63rd Independence Anniversary. As we embark on this journey, I pray that God’s favour locates you and His grace uphold you in all life endeavour. As Noah’s ark rested on the mount of Ararat after the flood, may you find a firm ground to stand on and rest from all storms of life. I want to use this medium to crave your indulgence to always commit our Leaders in your prayers just as the Bible instructs all Christians to pray for their leaders.
“Let us keep HOPE alive and believe that our country Nigeria will be great again. Irrespective of the fact that the voice of the common man seems not to be heard via our Courts, Congresses, House of Representatives, etc. God listens to the voice of His children, so no matter where you find yourself in the country, no matter the volume of hardship in the country, no matter the rate at which you are faced with storms, do not hesitate to pray to God for a better Nigeria.
“Keep yourselves well informed and updated with what can benefit you as a Nigerian because the country belongs to all of us therefore our participation spiritually and physically is mandatory. May the Lord grant our Leaders the wisdom to make Nigeria better.

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