Address Marginalization In Your Cabinets Rev Azzaman Tasks Tinubu, Uba Sani

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Popular Christian cleric, Rev. David Ayuba Azzaman has spoken out for the first time on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ministerial appointments, as well as that of Governor Uba Sani’s political appointments.

Rev.Azzaman said that President Tinubu’s appointments are full of kudos as well as knocks. Citing Benue as an example, the cleric added that some of the appointments are lopsided.

“As in the case of Benue, the Secretary to the Federal Government is a Tiv man, the minister from Benue State is also a Tiv man.
There are other tribes such as the Idomas, at least the President should have picked an Idoma for ministerial appointment for the sake of equity.

The Rev. also urged Tinubu to consider appointing a Christian from Kaduna State as a minister, adding that Christians in Kaduna are being shortchanged.

“In a state of about 10 million, Christians are about five million, yet the Governor, the Deputy, and over ninety per cent of the commissioners are Muslims; it would amount to deliberate marginalization if you don’t appoint a Christian.

“The President should understand that he is now the President of all Nigerians and not the President of Muslims or the All Progressives Congress.

Azzaman also urged Governor Uba Sani to be fair to Christians as he goes about constituting his cabinet.

Speaking on other appointments made by Tinubu, the fiery critic commended Tinubu for appointing Nyesom Wike as Minister for the Federal Capital Territory, adding that it is a right peg in a round hole.

He observed that most of the president’s appointments are technocrats who fit into his agenda.

Rev.Azzaman also praised Tinubu for not appointing former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasiru el-Rufai, into his cabinet, adding that he should go a step further and arrest the former governor for being complicit in the killings that engulfed the state during his tenure.

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