Chief Benjamin Omale: Philanthropist Extraordinaire Empowering Idoma Nation – Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth

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*Applauds remarkable contributions of a true humanitarian



A group, Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing World Wide, has extolled the virtues of a renowned business mogul, Chief Benjamin Omale, describing him as an extraordinary philanthropist who has empowered the Idoma nation.

This was expressed in a statement signed by the President, Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing World Wide, Obande Gideon Obande, made available to our correspondent in Kaduna on Thursday August 17, 2023.

“The beauty of any society is the collective efforts of its members to uplift one another and one individual who has exemplified this characteristics to the fullest is Chief (Dr) Banjamin Omale, the Ohonyeta of Idoma kingdom, a business tycoon per excellence and a distinguished philanthropist.

“The Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing, an association dedicated to galvanizing the interests of Idoma youth in Nigeria and the diaspora is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable contributions of this great individual to the growth and development of the Idoma nation, Benue state and Nigeria as a whole,” it said.

According to the statement, Chief (Dr) Benjamin Omale’s journey as a benefactor to the people of the Idoma nation and Benue State began with the establishment of the OHONYETA FOUNDATION through which he has been able to provide countless scholarships to indigent students, offering them the opportunity to pursue career of their choices both in the formal and informal education thereby, acquiring skills to be self reliant.

“This selfless act of human kindness has earned him the esteemed chieftaincy title of “Ohonyeta of Idoma Kingdom,” a title that aptly translates to “the savior of Idoma Kingdom” bestowed on him by the Idoma Area Traditional Council, under the chairmanship of His Royal Majesty, the Och’Idoma.

“The impact of Chief (Dr) Benjamin Omale’s humanitarian gestures goes beyond educational support because his various companies like; Edi-Jen Group of Companies Nigeria limited, Jeny-Owi Company Nigeria Limited, Ejeg Company Nigeria Limited and Sai Allah Construction and Engineering Company Nigeria Limited have all contributed in no small measure to the economic growth of the nation by providing thousands of job opportunities to Nigerians of all works of life both skilled and unskilled.

“His business acumen combined with his kind hearted compassion has created a lasting impression in the lives of many who have encountered this unique and distinguished personality,” the group said.

They explained that Chief Omale’s humanitarianism has garnered recognition both locally and internationally.

“His relentless pursuit of excellence has earned him numerous awards, including; the Prestigious Business Person of the Year by Leadership Newspaper in 2020, the Business Excellence Award by the Kaduna State Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2010, the esteemed International Special Peace Envoy Award by the United Nations in 2010 and the Garkuwan Matasan Arewa conferred on him by both the Moslem and Christian youth in the northern part of Nigeria.

“These and many more accolades stand as a testament to his commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those who come in contact with him.

“His passion for continuous learning is evident in the different certification acquired by him. For example, this worthy son of Idoma nation is a graduate of Production and Operations Management from the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Kaduna State University.

“Driven by the desire to give back to society, he has utilized his education, business acumen and expertise to uplift the less privileged in the society by mobilizing ideas and resources within his disposal to create a better future for all,” the statement assured.

According to them, beyond all these, Chief Omale, the Ohonyeta of Idoma kingdom is a symbol of unity and social integration.

“A detribalized Nigerian, who believes in the corporate entity of Nigeria.

“He exemplifies this inclusiveness and peaceful harmonious living by fostering a sense of belonging among people of diverse backgrounds through his people centered policies and programs geared towards achieving a better society for all.

“Married with six children, his commitment to family values echoes his dedication to nurturing a compassionate and morally sound society,” the statement added.

The Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing proudly acknowledged the exceptional contributions of Chief (DR) Benjamin Omale, the Ohonyeta of Idoma kingdom for his commitment to empowering the youth, fostering educational development and skills acquisition and supporting community development.

“These and many other noble ideas are the reasons that prompted the Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing to identify and stand proudly by this Benue distinguished personality of Idoma extraction.

“We salute his unwavering dedication to the progress and prosperity of the Idoma kingdom, Benue state and Nigeria as a whole and express our deepest gratitude for his invaluable contributions.

“The legacy of Chief (Dr) Banjamin Omale as a philanthropist and a humanitarian extraordinaire will forever be etched in the hearts of those whose lives he has touched through his kindness and compassion.

“He has become a beacon of hope and a driving force for positive change in the Idoma Nation, Benue state, Nigeria and beyond.

“The Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing stands united in our admiration and support for this remarkable individual, who truly embodies the spirit of uplifting others to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all,” they said.

While recommending him as a team player and progressive Nigerian, they beckoned on all to interface with this distinguished personality as they encouraged more sons and daughters of Idoma nation to emulate his virtues.

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