Audacity Of Hope And The Nigerian Plebiscite: How Tinubu And APC Shattered Dreams Of Nigerian Youths

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In a nation where the dreams of millions of youth were ignited with the audacity of hope, the promise of a brighter future lies in the hands of leaders who were entrusted with the responsibility of steering Nigeria towards progress and prosperity.

However, the hopes of the Nigerian youth have been dashed, their aspirations shattered, and their trust betrayed by the insidious actions of certain political figures and parties, among them, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his All Progressives Congress (APC), who stand accused of rigging elections, perpetuating a shadowy past, and causing irreparable harm to the nation’s reputation on the international stage.

Additionally, the controversial removal of the fuel palliative, including the disastrous elimination of the 8,000 Naira Fuel palliative, has further deepened the disillusionment and despair among the Nigerian populace.

The broken dreams of a generation

As Africa’s most populous nation and its largest economy, Nigeria holds immense potential for growth and development. The youth, comprising a significant portion of the population, have longed for a chance to contribute to their country’s progress and create a better future for themselves and generations to come.

In 2019, when the Nigerian youth went to the polls with hope in their hearts, they believed they could bring about real change by exercising their right to vote. However, this hope was shattered by the alleged rigging of the election that many believed favoured Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC.

Shady Past and International Resistance

The shadow of Tinubu’s past has cast doubts on his suitability to lead the nation. Accusations of corruption, embezzlement, and cronyism have dogged his political career. The international community has been reluctant to embrace him as a legitimate leader due to concerns about his questionable track record.

Nigeria’s reputation has suffered on the global stage as a result, making it difficult for the country to attract foreign investment and cooperation, crucial for its development.

The Fuel pallative Debacle

One of the most disastrous decisions of the Tinubu-led government was the abrupt removal of the fuel palliative, a move that sparked widespread protests across the nation. The fuel palliative had been a lifeline for the average Nigerian, cushioning the impact of soaring fuel prices and helping to alleviate the burden of the cost of living.

The removal of the subsidy, without adequate preparation or alternative measures, sent shockwaves through the nation’s economy, leading to a dramatic rise in transportation costs, inflation, and hardship for the most vulnerable citizens.

The 8,000 Naira Fuel palliative Removal

The controversial decision to remove the 8,000 Naira fuel palliative, aimed at compensating for the effects of rising fuel prices on low-income earners, further deepened the despair among the Nigerian populace.

This move, seen as a heartless blow to the already struggling masses, demonstrates a blatant disregard for the welfare of the people. As the cost of living skyrockets, the dreams of a better life for the average Nigerian was brutally shattered.


The audacity of hope that once defined the aspirations of Nigerian youth has been met with disappointment and disillusionment.

The alleged rigging of the election by Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the APC, coupled with his controversial past and the international community’s hesitancy to recognize him as a legitimate leader, has cast dark clouds over Nigeria’s prospects.

The ill-conceived removal of the fuel palliative and the disastrous elimination of the 8,000 Naira subsidy have further crushed the dreams of millions, pushing them deeper into despair.

For Nigeria to reclaim its path to progress, the grievances of the youth must be heard, and leaders who genuinely prioritize the nation’s welfare must emerge.

Only then can the audacity of hope be restored, and the dreams of a whole generation be resurrected, leading Nigeria towards a brighter and more promising future.

Amb Aliyu Bin Abbas is the
President, National Youth Alliance

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