Tinubu’s Agenda:  Current Pains Are For Short Period, Says APC Chieftain 

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The Confederation of All Progressives Congress (APC) Support Groups on Wednesday,  came out strongly to back President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s reform  policies, insisting  they will make Nigeria greater.
According to the support groups, so far President Tinubu has not only  demonstrated good knowledge of governance,he has also shown the  commitment to take drastic decisions through his reform agenda to take the country to a greater heights.
Briefing journalists on the State of the Nation, the  Director General of Confederation of the APC Support Groups and National Chairman of Tinubu Shettima Network, Engineer (Dr.)  Kailani Muhammad urged Nigerians to be patient with the Tinubu led APC government with hope that the future will be better and bright.
On the current  hardship, Eng. Kailani who acknowledged that Nigerians are groaning under hardship, expressed  optimism over the deliberate efforts made to provide succour and gave assurance that the pains are just for a short moment.
Speaking further,he said the Palliative measures taken to cushion the effects of the removal of subsidy are  most welcomed, but advised it  strictly should monitored to avoid abuse by unscrupulous government officials.
He also applauded Tinubu for  inaugurating a Tax Review Committee , adding that the downturn review of tax and reduction of five percent on custom duties on some import items will surely have positive impact on the economy.
According to him, the issue of reviving the industries is one of the major factors that should be treated with urgency it deserves as a platform to create employment for teeming unemployed masses .
Kailani who noted that the issues of security is key to economic development, commended the President for appointing a man of good character such as  Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser,the suspension of CBN Governor.
Meanwhile, he urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to recognize capable leaders from the various support groups in the Renewed Hope agenda for appointment into positions of authority.Noting that they have good understanding about  the Renewed Hope agenda and could help in the proper implementation.
About the ordeal of the former Central Bank Governor, Kailani said , “The support groups  called  on Mr. President to shun  the call by some lawyers  for Emefiele to be released on grounds that he could run away.As far as we are concerned ,the Director General of DSS knows his job and should allowed to conclude his investigations.”
Stressing ,”The allegations of importation firearms is a grievous offence  and such individual involved shouldn’t be released and must  face the music. Those calling for his release are nothing but  enemies of Nigeria who want anarchy and chaos to prevail.”
On the the 2023 election and the tribunal hearing , The Director General of the APC Support Groups  explained: “We took pains to campaign to the electorate to vote for Tinubu  and will not allow anyone to cancel it and order any rerun  .We have taken our destinies in our hands and we are watching with hope that  the court will do the right thing .
“The President scored  the  25 percent required votes  across 24 states out of 36 .FCT has never been an issue because it’s not a state .
“The argument of FCT as a factor to be won by Presidential candidate to validate his election does not hold water The argument surfaced in 1979 between late Alhaji Shehu Shagari and Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo on what constituted two-third majority of the 19 States then .The case was thrown out by the court as an insufficient grounds to void the election.
“We are therefore calling on the tribunal to throw out all the cases filed against APC and our current President.”
“The EU report and position on the elections shouldn’t distract the president from his dedication and commitment to reform and revive the Nigerian template.
“The unfounded and misplaced presentation by EU on the election  should not distract Mr. President in his quest to reform and revive the Nigerian template.
“The EU should concentrate on global issues and should not be hell bent on installing its stooge for easy access to our richly endowed natural resources.
“We want to state here that Nigerians are for peace and don’t envisage some foreign imperialists to foment grounds that will lead us to war.As far as we are concerned,the only interest of external forces is to gain access to our resources ,in the event our centre can no longer hold.
“We want to use this medium to  call on our lawmakers to forget about bullet proof cars and work on security architecture to be able to move freely.”

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