The Chatham House connection and Peter Obi`s burden

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Many Nigerians have been asking why the presidential candidates were all keen to go to London to face interviews in the Chatham House. Even those who would refuse to have a debate at home, would travel to London. Why is it so important? The answer is plain. There is a deep connection between Nigeria and United Kingdom. Before we look at the spiritual dimensions let’s take a quick overview of the political and policy dimensions. Nigeria as a country derives its existence from United Kingdom. Without UK there would be no Nigeria as a political entity. The direct implication of this is that the throne of Nigeria derives its powers from the throne of England. If the throne of England does not accept you then you are going to have an uphill task to get into the position of leadership as the president of Nigeria. This is not a question of political independence this is a question of spiritual power alignment.

While Nigeria may have gained political independence, it does appear that the thrones are not independent yet. The presidential candidates of Nigeria thus have a duty to convince the throne of England. The “Shrine” where this takes place is called the Chatham House.

The Chatham House was created in 1920 as an independent (non governmental) institution to study international affairs and set the agenda for nations. Soon the quality of its output began to direct the focus of British international policies. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth became a Patron of the Chatham House and was briefed/advised by the institute on all major international issues. It should be noted that the Nigerian Institute for International Affairs is an offshoot of Chatham House. It is one way Britain ensures that Nigeria stays in alignment.

Nigeria’s Presidential candidates go to Chatham House to share what their presidency would look like. They are grilled on what the impact would be on Africa and the world. The members of the House then look deeper to see how this aligns with Britain and how the British leadership should respond. They are not primarily concerned with who wins or loses, they are concerned with the British interests and how to protect that interest and maintain the balance of power.

Bearing this in mind let us now take a below the surface view and see the spiritual connections and why this election is not just another regular election. The West (Europe and America) see Nigeria as a viable market. All policies of these countries towards Nigeria and the rest of Africa have been to keep them in a position that they are subservient and supply the industries within their countries with raw materials while also becoming the major consumers of the final products of the industries. The reason is simple.

Britain is barely 67 million in population, France is 68 million, Germany is 83 million. These three European powers would combine to get the market size of Nigeria. It is in their best interest if Nigeria remains as a consumer nation. If we have to buy our toothpick, tissue paper, food, petrol, cars, etc from them, they will forever be ahead. If we are able to produce these things with the resources we have, then their industries will become redundant, their unemployment rate will go up. This will evoke political unrest in their citizens prompting radical changes in government.

For a moment think of how many cars you need to transport Germany’s 83 million people and compare that with how many you need to transport Nigeria’s 220 million. Clearly, Nigeria needs more cars. Germany has functional railways. Nigeria does not. Nigerians will buy more cars than Germans. Germany produces cars and ships to Nigeria for as long as Nigeria does not have a car manufacturing plant. Germany will therefore do all it can to ensure that Innoson Motors fail and it will do so through the government in power. Think of how many Italian suits and shoes will be in Nigerian Churches this Sunday Morning. Think of how it will Italy if our clothes (including our Ankara) are manufactured in Nigeria. If you think this is just blabbing, Google and read the Wikileaks on Nigeria and see how multinationals in the country influence the legislation in order to sustain the power of their home countries.

The same scenario plays in our Oil industry. The Multinationals drill the oil, transport it to a country of their choice to refine and sell to us our own product at an exorbitant price. I am not sure there is one Nigerian shipping company that is big enough to move the crude or the refined products. Everything is controlled by the other countries. It serves their interests and because our leadership is corrupt and need their banks to hide their corruption, they are forced to play along. They have to kill the industries. That is what happened to the groundnut pyramids. That is what happened to the cotton industry. That is what happened to our rice. That is what happened to our palm oil, tyre (rubber) industry. That is what happened to Ajaokuta Steel Project. That is what happened to our electricity. Our leaders know it, but corruption will not let any of them stand up and walk a different path.

Historically, any nation in the world that has coal became a superpower. Nigeria has coal. Any nation that has cement (limestone) became a super power. Nigeria has. Every nation that has steel became a super power. Nigeria has. This is the reason Nigeria is called a sleeping giant. Coal, cement and steel powered the industrial revolution. When the administration of Shehu Shagari turned to Soviet Union in 1979 to build the steel project, the West became jittery. With steel you can manufacture cars, guns and bullets and all major constructions from ships to bridges and skyscrapers rely on steel. With petroleum (a very cheap source of energy replacing coal) also then available to Nigeria, the nation will be unstoppable. America and the West could not bear to see that happen. The giant must be made to remain asleep.

Today the dynamics has changed. The world power is now being determined by brain power. This is people power driven by the youths. Nigeria is blessed again with it. We have the largest population of youths in Africa. If this youth resources is harnessed, Nigeria will become a superpower in less than two decades. Will this serve the West? No.

This is the problem that Peter Obi has.

On the surface the Chatham diplomats will make him look good but because his presidency seems set to disrupt the status quo they will work against it. Recall David Cameroon and his “fantastically corrupt” comment on Nigeria under Buhari. Awake Nigeria and Nigerian youths. No country in the world cares for you, they only care about their interests. The US National Intelligence Council predicted in their 2012 publication that, Nigeria’s window of opportunity will open in 2021 and stay open till 2050. The report said if Nigeria is able to reap her benefits from a youthful population, by 2030 it will treble the per capita income and lift 80 million people out of poverty. That is good news for us but bad news for the West.

It does not take anything to see that the one thing that is required to achieve this is a purposeful leadership that turns the focus away from government powered corruption to people powered production. This is best represented by Peter and Datti. They are the keys required for this window to open. Don’t be blinded by sentiments of religion and ethnicity. It is important to point out as we close this that God in his wisdom took away Queen Elizabeth just before this election. Queen Elizabeth presided over the independence of Nigeria. She was most instrumental to the maintenance of the status quo. Under her watch the corruption flourished and the country degenerated. Her subjects advised Ahmadu Bello against pulling the North out of Nigeria as he wanted to. Her subjects oversaw the legislation and census that laid the precedence for domination of the North in the political sphere. It was not accidental. It was a policy of the throne. How is it possible that only Nigeria in the entire sub-sahel Africa has a different demographic pattern where the Sahara desert is more populated than the river banks of the South? People congregate near water bodies not in deserts!

What has the throne of England done to stop the oppression of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria? What has the throne done to stop the religious massacre of Christians in Nigeria? What influence did the throne of England have over the 1999 constitution and the enshrinement of Islam over and above all the other religions? The storms rocking the Royal family of England, the change of baton in the political leadership of UK (as represented by the election of a Hindi of Indian descent) all portray a break in the veil of spiritual cover over the Throne of England. It is a good time to also break Nigeria Free. God has done his part. Now we must do our part and it is not a question of your religious affiliation. Just do what you can to cast your vote – and cast it WISELY . We are not looking for saints, we are looking for keys.

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