We’ll Transform Nigeria Into A Modern Economy, Atiku Assures Nigerians

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The Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has assured Nigerians that he will transform the country into a modern economy that works for the people.
Atiku stated this during a rally organised for the FCT residents which was held at the Eagles Square Abuja.
Atiku who thanked the FCT residents for their unalloyed loyalty to PDP since 1999, a consistency he described as a hallmark of real friends, assured the residents that their loyalty will not go unrewarded, if he becomes President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“Nobody knows what unity in diversity means more than the residents of FCT, we live here with different religions and tribes, yet we live in harmony in this beautiful city with one aspiration, which is to develop our country. If elected, we intend to entrench this national unity through civic education, commitment to common good and dialogue among people, ” Atiku said.
On security, the former vice president lamented that insecurity has become the number one issue affecting investment and social cohesion in the nation today.
“In the FCT, the rural areas have become no farming zones for the residents on account of insecurity.  If elected President, I will declare a state of emergency on security with a view to ensuring a rapid and comprehensive response to the menace of insecurity. I will also roll out a comprehensive national community policing strategy, which will be backed up with necessary legislation and funding. The Office of the Coordinator Counter – Terrorism will be upgraded to a National Counter Terrorism Centre to enable it to meet the multi – faceted national security challenges in the country.
“Our vision is to transform Nigeria into a modern economy that works for its people and capable of taking its rightful place among the top 20 economies of the world. My economic policy will be job centered especially for our teeming youth population’’ Atiku Abubakar.  This encapsulates the aspirations of all Nigerians.
“The principal may wish to assure Nigerians that his administration will work with the National Assembly and all stakeholders to initiate a process of genuine and transparent constitutional amendments, which will address the delivery of social and welfare to the States and local governments; negotiate new revenue allocation formula; empower local governments; devolve issues such as minerals, mines, internal security, railways, communication, environment, land matters, etc to the concurrent list. The principal may wish to add that the priority of his administration will be to restore the citizens’ confidence in Nigeria as one indivisible ethnically diverse but strong country.
“Nigeria has over 15 million out of school children, this situation will be addressed with the seriousness it deserves if I am elected President. Re positioning this sector will be a priority of my administration.
“No country can truly have sustainable development without strong healthy citizens to drive that process. It is therefore the fundamental right of every Nigerian, no matter where they live, to have unrestricted access to optimal and affordable health delivery service’’ Atiku Abubakar.  The princip may wish to add that his administration may not be able to stop medical tourism by Nigerians but it will surely frown at it.
On youth, women and other vulnerable people in society including the physically challenged, Atiku said a PDP national government will create an environment that will provide employment and fulfillment through education, mentorship, vocational training, technology and entrepreneurship initiatives.

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