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Dear Mr. Zachariah Dauke Suleiman, our Distinguished Senator of the Southern Kaduna Senatorial District come 2023 (in the making by God’s grace).

You are a man full of love and passion for his people, Southern Kaduna, and for his fatherland, Nigeria. You are a man full of optimism and drive for a better Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State and Nigeria. You are a man full of zeal for economic, social, and political justice, equity, and advancement.

You are a man who simply wants a better life for his people. Happy 60th Birthday Anniversary, Sir, and Happy Retirement from the Public Service after 34 years of prudent, relentless, and sincere service to your fatherland, Nigeria. Happy Birthday to Mr. Zachariah Dauke Suleiman, our Distinguished Senator of the Southern Kaduna Senatorial District come 2023 (in the making). We congratulate you wholeheartedly!

Since today is a double celebration for you, permit me to first of all wish you a Happy New Year and then congratulate you for completing the stipulated 34 years in the public service today. It’s evident that your time as a public servant has been blessed with so many glittering milestones.

Congratulations, sir.You have served your fatherland, Nigeria, in the public service space very well. No wonder you also want to serve the land in the political leadership space as well.

Those who know you and what you stand for are already fielding their support to see that you make it to the National House of Assembly as our Senator because they know that the people and the land will prosper while justice and equity will flourish.
Again, as it is also noted that today is your 60th birthday! You deserve to be celebrated all round. So, happy birthday, Sir! I celebrate you!

We celebrate you now and always! The sounds of victory and celebration will never leave your home, now or in the future.

A man is known by what he does or says when no one is watching him. On this premise, I applaud you and the salient ideologies you hold and stand for. These ideologies are purely people-centered.

I’ve had the privilege of sitting down with you one-on-one to discuss the plights of our people, and I’ve come to realize that you’re optimistic about Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State, and Nigeria as a whole.

You have never ceased to stress the need for peaceful coexistence among all people. You never miss a chance to stress, passionately, the need for “management of our cultural diversity” in Southern Kaduna and even in Nigeria.

You believe that it is one of the major tools for fostering both peaceful coexistence among the Nigerian populace and positive growth and development in our society.
In addition, as a trained manager and astute businessman and sound leader that you are, you have opened my eyes to how powerful “economic freedom” is and how you intend to spread this freedom across all corners of Southern Kaduna and, subsequently, all corners of Nigeria.

It is even more evident by the number of jobs you have created for youths, men and women in Zonkwa and its environs via the “Agro Company” that you own and other chains of businesses that you have established.

Finally, I can go on and on and on in listing and eulogizing the amiable feats you have achieved in the various and meaningful facets of our society. However, I hope this will suffice for now, even though you deserve more.

God richly bless you, our Distinguished Senator of the Southern Kaduna Senatorial District in 2023 (on the horizon)..
-Ziniyet Godwin Hilary

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