SALE OF OIL MARGINAL FIELDS: Sylva fingered in messy $100M bribe and deals

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Minister of State, Petroleum Resources in Nigeria, Timipreye Sylva has again run into troubled waters especially if the revelations made by top investigative journalist, Jackson Ude is taken into consideration.

Following the reallocation of marginal oil Wells by the presidency, under the watch of the supposedly perceived no-nonsense former military dictator, General Muhammadu Buhari, huge facts, deemed as scandalous and highly embarrassing have continued to be unearthed.
Jackson Ude, publisher of top investigative news platform, PointBlankNews.Com, in a tweet vianhis verified Twitter handle, has revealed how the former Bayelsa Governor, Minister of State, Petroleum Resources denied an Itsekiri Community access to ownership of the Oloye Marginal Oil Field, located in Itsekiri land, after he allegedly collected a bribe money of $100,000:00 dollars from them.
In his tweet, Ude revealed how the bespectacled Minister took some of the offered bribe money and gave another portion to AA RANO, an associate and front for Sabiu Yusuf, aka, Tunde, aide to the president and a very influential figure in the Villa.
The publisher, in his tweet, further disclosed that Sylva, in his sharing spree, also shared from the largesse to Hajia Yusuf Bichi Magaji, wife of the DG, DSS, a contract worth $7m dollars in the NPDC.

The unrelenting Jackson Ude, whose expose of massive corruption in and around the presidency have always been confirmed to be true in spite of the Buhari’s administration claim to fighting corruption in the country, further disclosed that the Itsekiri Community has lamented its inability to cry to anyone for help.
He revealed that the community cannot take its petition to the DSS, the Nigerian Police and even the EFCC as they are of the strong opinion and belief that these agencies have all been compromised, owing to the influential figures involved.
Ude noted that Petroleum Resources Minister (State), Timipreye Sylva has always been interested in selling the oil Wells in the Southern axis of the country, to his associates from the North, especially his clique as against the strong directives of the president, that oil Wells be sold to host communities.
With this development, the questions begging for answers include; Is the President, General Muhammadu Buhari, (Rted), still in control of managing the affairs of the nation? Who truly decides how Nigeria is run? Are the president’s aides going contrary to his orders? These are many more, are begging for answers.

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